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Clinell Chlorhexidine Wash Cloths

$6.05 inc GST
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Product code: YY/087-089

Clinell Chlorhexidine Wash Cloths provide an ideal solution for pre-admission patient washing. Ideal for patients in pre-admission clinics for use prior to procedures or for ITU bathing. They contain 2% chlorhexidine gluconate which not only kills all the harmful bacteria that can be found on your skin, but also binds to your body for many hours forming an invisible barrier against germs.

Each pack contains 8 large individual wash cloths. One pack is designed for use by one patient and will enable them to cleanse and disinfect their entire body.

Simple rinse free antiseptic body cleansing solution designed for cleaning, disinfecting and moisturising the body in one simple easy step.

  • Rapid bactericidal action & long lasting protection
  • Keeps skin clean for up to six hours
  • The binding of the Chlorhexidine acts like an invisible antibacterial barrier
  • Provides rapid bactericidal action. Helping to reduce against a wide variety of microorganisms that cause infections
  • Ideal for bed baths in ITU setting and also for pre-admission patients
  • Use at room temperature or place in a Clinell warmer or microwave for a warm wash cloth in seconds
  • Contains added moisturisers to promote healthy soft skin

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