MEDUCORE Easy Automatic External Defibrillator (AED)

When every second counts, the MEDUCORE Easy Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) helps you to stay calm and lets you concentrate on resuscitating the patient

The AED has an easy-to-understand operating concept (red-green), step-by-step instructions and positioning symbols on the electrode packaging. With unmistakable voice prompts, whose volume automatically adjusts to background sounds, MEDUCORE Easy helps laypeople with life-saving measures until professional rescue services arrive on the scene

MEDUCORE Easy is protected from dust and splashing water and is equipped with PC software for device configuration and usage data analysis. A crash-resistant vehicular mount for proper installation (compliant with EN 1789) in ambulances and fire department vehicles is available as an accessory

MEDUCORE Easy fits in standard emergency medical cases and backpacks. Defibrillation of the patient and a supply of oxygen are thus ensured at all times

  • Made in Germany
  • Traffic Light principle - Stop/Go
  • 2 year warranty
  • 4 year battery life
  • Automatic Volume Control - Increases & Decreases with the ambient room noise level
  • 30 month Electrode shelf life
  • Can be used from 20kg's of bodyweight on the standard electrodes without necessity of special Paediatric electrodes
  • Info - Key calls up elapsed time & number of shocks since starting
  • Metronome function ensures correct chest compression rates & ideal ratio of compression to ventillation
  • Device will self test daily
  • Comes with Scissors, Mouth Guard & Razor
  • Service for MEDUCORE can easily be carried out in all states

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